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Meier, Thomas; Petitgirard, Sylvain; Khandarkhaeva, Saiana; Dubrovinsky, Leonid
Observation of nuclear quantum effects and hydrogen bond symmetrisation in high pressure ice
In: Nature Communications Bd. 9 (2018) Heft 1
doi:10.1038/s41467-018-05164-x ...

Bykov, Maxim; Bykova, Elena; Aprilis, Georgios; Glazyrin, Konstantin; Koemets, Egor; Chuvashova, Irina; Kupenko, I.; McCammon, Catherine; Mezouar, Mohamed; Prakapenka, Vitali B.; Liermann, Hanns-Peter; Tasnádi, Ferenc; Ponomareva, A. V.; Abrikosov, I. A.; Dubrovinskaia, Natalia; Dubrovinsky, Leonid
Fe-N system at high pressure reveals a compound featuring polymeric nitrogen chains
In: Nature Communications Bd. 9 (2018) Heft 1
doi:10.1038/s41467-018-05143-2 ...

Kiseeva, Ekaterina S.; Vasiukov, Denis M.; Wood, Bernard J.; McCammon, Catherine; Stachel, Thomas; Bykov, Maxim; Bykova, Elena; Chumakov, Aleksandr; Cerantola, Valerio; Harris, Jeff W.; Dubrovinsky, Leonid
Oxidized iron in garnets from the mantle transition zone
In: Nature Bd. 11 (2018) Heft 2. - S. 144-147
doi:10.1038/s41561-017-0055-7 ...


Cerantola, Valerio; Bykova, Elena; Kupenko, Ilya; Merlini, Marco; Ismailova, Leyla; McCammon, Catherine; Bykov, Maxim; Chumakov, Alexandr I.; Petitgirard, Sylvain; Kantor, Innokenty; Svitlyk, Volodymyr; Jacobs, Jeroen; Hanfland, Michael; Mezouar, Mohamed; Prescher, Clemens; Rüffer, Rudolf; Prakapenka, Vitali B.; Dubrovinsky, Leonid
Stability of iron-bearing carbonates in the deep Earth's interior
In: Nature Communications Bd. 8 (2017)
doi:10.1038/ncomms15960 ...

Cernok, Ana; Marquardt, Katharina; Caracas, Razvan; Bykova, Elena; Habler, Gerlinde; Liermann, Hanns-Peter; Hanfland, Michael; Mezouar, Mohamed; Bobocioiu, Ema; Dubrovinsky, Leonid
Compressional pathways of a-cristobalite, structure of cristobalite X-I, and towards the unders ...
In: Nature Communications Bd. 8 (2017)
doi:10.1038/ncomms15647 ...

Rozel, A. B.; Golabek, Gregor J.; Jain, C.; Tackley, Paul J.; Gerya, T.
Continental crust formation on early Earth controlled by intrusive magmatism
In: Nature Bd. 545 (2017) Heft 7654. - S. 332-335
doi:10.1038/nature22042 ...

Kurnosov, Alexander; Marquardt, Hauke; Frost, Daniel J.; Boffa Ballaran, Tiziana; Ziberna, Luca
Evidence for a Fe3+-rich pyrolitic lower mantle from (Al,Fe)-bearing bridgmanite elasticity dat ...
In: Nature Bd. 543 (2017) Heft 7646. - S. 543-546
doi:10.1038/nature21390 ...


Rubie, David C.; Laurenz, Vera; Jacobson, Seth A.; Morbidelli, Alessandro; Palme, Herbert; Vogel, Antje K.; Frost, Daniel J.
Highly siderophile elements were stripped from Earth’s mantle by iron sulfide segregation
In: Science Bd. 353 (2016) Heft 6304. - S. 1141-1144
doi:10.1126/science.aaf6919 ...

Gu, Tingting; Li, Mingming; McCammon, Catherine; Lee, Kanani K. M.
Redox-induced lower mantle density contrast and effect on mantle structure and primitive oxygen
In: Nature Geoscience Bd. 9 (2016) . - S. 723-727
doi:10.1038/ngeo2772 ...

Ismailova, Leyla; Bykova, Elena; Bykov, Maxim; Cerantola, Valerio; McCammon, Catherine; Boffa Ballaran, Tiziana; Bobrov, Andrei; Sinmyo, Ryosuke; Dubrovinskaia, Natalia; Glazyrin, Konstantin; Liermann, Hanns-Peter; Kupenko, Ilya; Hanfland, Michael; Prescher, Clemens; Prakapenka, Vitali B.; Svitlyk, Volodymyr; Dubrovinsky, Leonid
Stability of Fe,Al-bearing bridgmanite in the lower mantle and synthesis of pure Fe-bridgmanite
In: Science Advances Bd. 2 (2016) Heft 7
doi:10.1126/sciadv.1600427 ...

Ovsyannikov, Sergey V.; Bykov, Maxim; Bykova, Elena; Kozlenko, Denis P.; Tsirlin, Alexander A.; Karkin, Alexander E.; Shchennikov, Vladimir V.; Kichanov, Sergey E.; Gou, Huiyang; Abakumov, Artem M.; Egoavil, Ricardo; Verbeeck, Johan; McCammon, Catherine; Dyadkin, Vadim; Chernyshov, Dmitry; van Smaalen, Sander; Dubrovinsky, Leonid
Charge-ordering transition in iron oxide Fe₄O₅ involving competing dimer and trimer formation ...
In: Nature Chemistry Bd. 8 (2016) Heft 5. - S. 501-508
doi:10.1038/nchem.2478 ...

Bykova, Elena; Dubrovinsky, Leonid; Dubrovinskaia, Natalia; Bykov, Maxim; McCammon, Catherine; Ovsyannikov, Sergey V.; Liermann, Hanns-Peter; Kupenko, Ilya; Chumakov, Aleksandr I.; Rüffer, Rudolf; Hanfland, Michael; Prakapenka, Vitali B.
Structural complexity of simple Fe2O3 at high pressures and temperatures
In: Nature Communications Bd. 7 (2016)
doi:10.1038/ncomms10661 ...

Girard, Jennifer; Amulele, George; Farla, Robert; Mohiuddin, Anwar; Karato, Shun-ichiro
Shear deformation of bridgmanite and magnesiowüstite aggregates at lower mantle conditions
In: Science Bd. 351 (2016) Heft 6269. - S. 144-147
doi:10.1126/science.aad3113 ...

Young, Edward D.; Kohl, Issaku E.; Warren, Paul H.; Rubie, David C.; Jacobson, Seth A.; Morbidelli, Alessandro
Oxygen isotopic evidence for vigorous mixing during the Moon-forming giant impact
In: Science Bd. 351 (2016) Heft 6272. - S. 493-496
doi:10.1126/science.aad0525 ...

Dubrovinskaia, Natalia; Dubrovinsky, Leonid; Solopova, Natalia A.; Abakumov, Artem M.; Turner, Stuart; Hanfland, Michael; Bykova, Elena; Bykov, Maxim; Prescher, Clemens; Prakapenka, Vitali B.; Petitgirard, Sylvain; Chuvashova, Irina; Gasharova, Biliana; Mathis, Yves-Laurent; Ershov, Petr; Snigireva, Irina; Snigirev, Anatoly
Terapascal static pressure generation with ultrahigh yield strength nanodiamond
In: Science Advances Bd. 2 (2016) Heft 7
doi:10.1126/sciadv.1600341 ...


Petitgirard, Sylvain; Malfait, Wim J.; Sinmyo, Ryosuke; Kupenko, Ilya; Hennet, Louis; Harries, Dennis; Dane, Thomas; Burghammer, Manfred; Rubie, David C.
Fate of MgSiO₃ melts at core–mantle boundary conditions
In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Bd. 112 (2015) Heft 46. - S. 14186-14190
doi:10.1073/pnas.1512386112 ...

Dubrovinsky, Leonid; Dubrovinskaia, Natalia; Bykova, Elena; Bykov, Maxim; Prakapenka, Vitali B.; Prescher, Clemens; Glazyrin, Konstantin; Liermann, Hanns-Peter; Hanfland, Michael; Ekholm, Marcus; Feng, Q.; Pourovskii, L. V.; Katsnelson, Mikhail I.; Wills, J. M.; Abrikosov, Igor A.
The most incompressible metal osmium at static pressures above 750 gigapascals
In: Nature Bd. 525 (2015) Heft 7568. - S. 226-229
doi:10.1038/nature14681 ...

Consolmagno, G.J.; Golabek, Gregor J.; Turrini, D.; Jutzi, M.; Sirono, S.; Svetsov, V.; Tsiganis, K.
Is Vesta an intact and pristine protoplanet?
In: Icarus Bd. 254 (2015) . - S. 190 - 201
doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2015.03.029 ...

Marquardt, Hauke; Miyagi, Lowell
Slab stagnation in the shallow lower mantle linked to an increase in mantle viscosity
In: Nature Geoscience Bd. 8 (2015) Heft 4. - S. 311-314
doi:10.1038/ngeo2393 ...

Prescher, Clemens; Dubrovinsky, Leonid; Bykova, Elena; Kupenko, Ilya; Glazyrin, Konstantin; Kantor, Anastasia; McCammon, Catherine; Mookherjee, Mainak; Nakajima, Yoichi; Miyajima, Nobuyoshi; Sinmyo, Ryosuke; Cerantola, Valerio; Dubrovinskaia, Natalia; Prakapenka, Vitali B.; Rüffer, Rudolf; Chumakov, Aleksandr I.; Hanfland, Michael
High Poisson's ratio of Earth's inner core explained by carbon alloying
In: Nature Geoscience Bd. 8 (2015) Heft 3. - S. 220-223
doi:10.1038/ngeo2370 ...

King, Scott D.; Frost, Daniel J.; Rubie, David C.
Why cold slabs stagnate in the transition zone
In: Geology Bd. 43 (2015) Heft 3. - S. 231-234
doi:10.1130/G36320.1 ...

Pamato, Martha Giovanna; Myhill, Robert; Boffa Ballaran, Tiziana; Frost, Daniel J.; Heidelbach, Florian; Miyajima, Nobuyoshi
Lower-mantle water reservoir implied by the extreme stability of a hydrous aluminosilicate
In: Nature Geoscience Bd. 8 (2015) Heft 1. - S. 75-79
doi:10.1038/ngeo2306 ...

Millot, Marius; Dubrovinskaia, Natalia; Cernok, Ana; Blaha, Stephan; Dubrovinsky, Leonid; Braun, D. G.; Celliers, P. M.; Collins, G. W.; Eggert, J. H.; Jeanloz, R.
Shock compression of stishovite and melting of silica at planetary interior conditions
In: Science Bd. 347 (2015) Heft 6220. - S. 418-420
doi:10.1126/science.1261507 ...

Rubie, David C.; Jacobson, Seth A.; Morbidelli, Alessandro; O'Brien, David P.; Young, Edward D.; de Vries, Jellie; Nimmo, Francis; Palme, Herbert; Frost, Daniel J.
Accretion and differentiation of the terrestrial planets with implications for the compositions ...
In: Icarus Bd. 248 (2015) . - S. 89-108
doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2014.10.015 ...


Lin, Yangting; El Goresy, Ahmed; Hu, Sen; Zhang, Jianchao; Gillet, Philippe; Xu, Yuchen; Hao, Jialong; Miyahara, Masaaki; Ouyang, Ziyuan; Ohtani, Eiji; Xu, Lin; Yang, Wei; Feng, Lu; Zhao, Xuchao; Yang, Jing; Ozawa, Shin
NanoSIMS analysis of organic carbon from the Tissint Martian meteorite : Evidence for the past ...
In: Meteoritics & Planetary Science Bd. 49 (2014) Heft 12. - S. 2201-2218
doi:10.1111/maps.12389 ...

Németh, Péter; Garvie, Laurence A. J.; Aoki, Toshihiro; Dubrovinskaia, Natalia; Dubrovinsky, Leonid; Buseck, Peter R.
Lonsdaleite is faulted and twinned cubic diamond and does not exist as a discrete material
In: Nature Communications Bd. 5 (2014)
doi:10.1038/ncomms6447 ...

Samuel, Henri; King, Scott D.
Mixing at mid-ocean ridges controlled by small-scale convection and plate motion
In: Nature Geoscience Bd. 7 (2014) Heft 8. - S. 602-605
doi:10.1038/ngeo2208 ...

Jacobson, Seth A.; Morbidelli, Alessandro; Raymond, Sean N.; O'Brien, David P.; Walsh, Kevin J.; Rubie, David C.
Highly siderophile elements in Earth's mantle as a clock for the Moon-forming impact
In: Nature Bd. 508 (2014) Heft 7494. - S. 84-87
doi:10.1038/nature13172 ...


Farla, Robert J. M.; Karato, Shun-ichiro; Cai, Zhengyu
Role of orthopyroxene in rheological weakening of the lithosphere via dynamic recrystallization
In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Bd. 110 (2013) Heft 41. - S. 16355-16360
doi:10.1073/pnas.1218335110 ...

Gou, Huiyang; Dubrovinskaia, Natalia; Bykova, Elena; Tsirlin, Alexander A.; Kasinathan, Deepa; Schnelle, Walter; Richter, Asta; Merlini, Marco; Hanfland, Michael; Abakumov, Artem M.; Batuk, Dmitry; van Tendeloo, Gustaaf; Nakajima, Yoichi; Kolmogorov, Aleksey N.; Dubrovinsky, Leonid
Discovery of a Superhard Iron Tetraboride Superconductor
In: Physical Review Letters Bd. 111 (2013) . - S. 157002
doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.111.157002 ...

Dobson, David P.; Miyajima, Nobuyoshi; Nestola, Fabrizio; Alvaro, Matteo; Casati, Nicola; Liebske, Christian; Wood, Ian G.; Walker, Andrew M.
Strong inheritance of texture between perovskite and post-perovskite in the D”layer
In: Nature Geoscience Bd. 6 (2013) Heft 7. - S. 575-578
doi:10.1038/ngeo1844 ...

Fei, Hongzhan; Wiedenbeck, Michael; Yamazaki, Daisuke; Katsura, Tomoo
Small effect of water on upper-mantle rheology based on silicon self-diffusion coefficients
In: Nature Bd. 498 (2013) Heft 7453. - S. 213-215
doi:10.1038/nature12193 ...

van Mierlo, Willem L.; Langenhorst, Falko; Frost, Daniel J.; Rubie, David C.
Stagnation of subducting slabs in the transition zone due to slow diffusion in majoritic garnet
In: Nature Geoscience Bd. 6 (2013) Heft 5. - S. 400-403
doi:10.1038/ngeo1772 ...

Bali, Enikő; Audétat, Andreas; Keppler, Hans
Water and hydrogen are immiscible in Earth's mantle
In: Nature Bd. 495 (2013) Heft 7440. - S. 220-222
doi:10.1038/nature11908 ...

Potapkin, Vasily; McCammon, Catherine; Glazyrin, Konstantin; Kantor, Anastasia; Kupenko, Ilya; Prescher, Clemens; Sinmyo, Ryosuke; Smirnov, G. V.; Chumakov, Aleksandr I.; Rüffer, Rudolf; Dubrovinsky, Leonid
Effect of iron oxidation state on the electrical conductivity of the Earth's lower mantle
In: Nature Communications Bd. 4 (2013)
doi:10.1038/ncomms2436 ...

Stagno, Vincenzo; Ojwang, Dickson O.; McCammon, Catherine; Frost, Daniel J.
The oxidation state of the mantle and the extraction of carbon from Earth's interior
In: Nature Bd. 493 (2013) Heft 7430. - S. 84-88
doi:10.1038/nature11679 ...

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